About Einzelgänger

Who is Einzelgänger?

Well, let’s start with what I’m not.

I’m not a spiritual teacher, guru, saint, holy man on a mountain, psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental/spiritual health professional.

Although I discuss topics that might be beneficial for people’s wellbeing, my main goal is to entertain, inspire and share my love for philosophy with others.

What am I then?

First and foremost I’m a lover of wisdom. I have been studying Stoicism, Buddhism, and Taoism for about six years now. My interest in ‘the meaning of life’ led to me obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Social Studies and a master’s degree in Religious & Ritual Studies.

Second of all, I love writing and video editing, which is the reason I chose YouTube as my medium. Over the years I have published a collection of articles in newspapers and magazines and created two documentaries. For me, Einzelgänger is the ultimate outlet for combining my expertise, skills, and passion.

Social isolation is like living in a box all day, wherever you go.